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  Stick people are people...
Here are some links to bands, record labels, and more things that we like:
Bands we like:
                  Billy Bragg    a cat-shaped hole in my heart
  The Cure                   The Chameleons         Depeche Mode   Electric Midnight   
                  Funhouse  The Inbreds
        Jane Sibbery     Marine Research      
  Papa Roach   Mossy Moran         Stare    U2      Xtc
Detroit Area Clubs:  Michigan Pubs & Clubs:
  City Club Sean O' Callaghan's Tradtional Irish Public House.   336 Main 
  Labyrinth Military Music Cafe
    The Blind Pig
    Cavern Club
  Carpe Mortem Records.
Some other Favs
    Blue Root
  Digitek Design Metro Times
  Millennium Studios Ann Arbor Gothic   Detroit Music Journal
  Catastrophic Attack Team IPM Radio
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