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Planet Battlefield
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BF 1942 - EA site
BF Vietnam - EA site
BF 2 - EA site
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Galactic Conquest
GI Joe
Interstate 1982

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Millennium Studios, Inc. - Graphic Design
BlueRoot - Blue Water Beat
A Subtle Shade of Blue
- Sleeps Music
Yankee Air Force Museum - Historical Restored Aircraft

Other Games
BowMaster - Missle Mayhem (Discussion)
Isketch - Pictionary-like drawing game (Discussion)
Shot Online Golf - (Discussion)
The Kindom of Loathing
- Weirdly unique game (Discussion)
Yohoho Puzzle Pirates - Interestingly unique game
Yahoo Pool

Joe Time Again Video - A video by Major Sleep
Northern - A CAT favorite.
Fishy - Another CAT fav
We like the Moon - Had a bad day? Try this.
Odd Todd - More humor

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BoatNerd - Know your ships!
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