Welcome to the CAT's Cradle.

"CAT is cool, CAT is rad, CAT will kill all YOUR rats"
xPshycho - Technical Support Staff.

- Member list last updated 05-10-05
Members: (Contacts) Nickname†† BF2Stats††† BFTracksStats
Major Sleep* Sleep Sleep Sleep
25th Soldier Select* 25th 25th 25th
Mojojet Mojo Mojo Mojo
Spandex Span Span Span
Aldizzert (Toby) Al, Dizzy Al, Dizzy Al, Dizzy
MasterChief RulZ Chief Chief Chief
Colonel Bob Bob Bob Bob
Warpath Warp Warp Warp
Dick Schittlippz Dick Dick Dick
Private pain Pain Pain Pain
Battlevader Vader Vader Vader
Monkeytoes Toes Toes Toes
Cpl Slade Slade, Hyper Slade Slade
BigDamage Big Big Big
Pureplr101 Pure Pure alCoHoLic>(8)<
APacifist Apac Apac Apac
=GreenJacket= Greenie Green Green
Pops Pops Pops Pops
Harry Ballzack Harry Harry Harry
MüderKrieger Müder Mud Mud
elduchey duchey duchey duchey
KennsyRevenge Kenny Kenny Kenny
rossi rossi rossi rossi
Chodaboy Choda Choda Choda
Charlie Don't Surf Chuck Chuck Chuck
Tgrant T T T
*Founding member
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